Studio City, CA

Scope of work

Stasis Design
Construction Document Review, Facade Design, Interior Design, Interior Decorating, Developer Consulting

Under Construction.

Stasis was brought on to this 32-unit multifamily project during the initial excavation stage. Due to the early involvement of the designer in the project, which is highly recommended, Stasis was able to review existing construction documents for errors, omissions, and discrepancies between trades. This review process identified a comprehensive list of comments, suggestions, and requests for information before construction began which allowed the design & construction team to sidestep costly changes and time-consuming delays ahead of work.

During the early stages of the excavation phase, Stasis redesigned the building façade, residential units, and common areas, to reflect a more contemporary design in line with the developer's vision. This cosmetic redesign did not change any structural elements, so construction could continue without delay. To boost efficiency, the resulting design was packaged in a concise and streamlined document that provided only the essentials needed for the construction team.

Stasis was also tasked with interior design and decorating services for the residential units and common spaces.

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